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Les productions amies

How many genuine creators could have reached ears and hearts of their audience without the strenuous work of independent producers ?

From Blue Note or impulse in the American 60s to Futura and Owl in the French 70s and 80s, the warned ears and perseverance of Jazz Lovers have allowed us to discover the major artists of today and yesterday. These labels, which are more numerous and original than ever, have to cope with the increasing standardization and coldness of distribution networks.

It appeared important to us to offer you those who are close to us through music or behavior, keeping in mind it is fair to recognize their commitments.

The productions of our neighboring labels offer a very wide spectrum of music: gipsy jazz, free jazz, latin jazz, afro-beat and so forth

United in this relation to music full of passion and a strong musical identity, they go on promoting their favorite artists neglecting fleeting fashions.

Blue Jack Jazz records

The vision and main aims of our Foundation, of which Blue Jack Jazz Records is the label, are in a nutshell:

First and foremost the rediscovery and release of forgotten historic jazz sound material, which would otherwise disappear without notice.

Secondly the bringing together of established jazz artists with new talents to be recorded for release on CD.

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Chief Inspector

Before being a label, Chief Inspector is a family. A collective of musicians who first merged their music in the Northern Parisian studio des Islettes between 1997 and 1999. But it was at ''Les Falaises'', an art squat near Montmartre, where their communal sound was born. From concert to concert, over many months, numerous new groups were formed, while other pre-existing ones reached maturity.  Minds and music melded. Some of these encounters endured, while some lasted only evenings. Others generated true complicity and new collaborations. And so the family grew.

Chief Inspector's adventure launches with six albums. Certain recordings are from those pre-existing groups, while others are about improvisation, exploration and innovation.

We the musicians, producer, publisher and every actor connected to this music, hope that Chief Inspector will allow our talented performers and their compositions to find the recognition they deserve from the public, the press and all of the professionals who are impacted by the business of jazz. 

Our structure is double-headed, as we are the executive producers of the records as well as the publishing and creative vision team for our products. These six CDs were released between mid-October and mid-November of 2003. We have three more coming out this year. One will be released in early June and the other two in the autumn.

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COMET records

Long-time partners of various parisian club nights, promoting dj's
and live shows for a family of artists, musicians and producers,
Manu and Eric decided to set up Comet Records after a funky night of
talking and partying with Tony Allen.
After a couple of maxi 12 inch vynils, the release of Tony Allen's
Black Voices album together with their now well known modern
afro rhythms collection (Racubah!, Ouelele and Bilongo), they are
now interested in producing music with a Osoul', rooted in the
past and an open ear for futuristic orientations.
With new artists such as Art Konik and Bumcello or projects like
The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble or Psyco On Da Bus, they're
now going further, pursuing their own path while exploring new
fields of expression.

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Djaz records

We feel in the Djaz label a love for the swing, the cool, the gispy swing and also for the French musicians.
Patrick Saussois is not only a productor with a great taste but also a talented guitarist as you can see on his production, 'Les enfants de Django'. And Dja from Djaz doesn't remind you the begining of a famous name.

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fanja andriamanantena

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Huit productions

Founded in 2001 by the bassist Cid Samartino
The french independant label Huit Productions regroups the formation of :
ourzoo (jazz fusion), maxiijo (contemporary jazz) and constantine (electro jazz oriental).
Ourzoo as already publish 3 albums. (zoo jazz'n groove session '2001', manimal '2004', live 07 '2007').

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Isma'a means 'listen to it!' in Arabic and refers also to a splendid composition from the bassist and oud player Ahmed Abdul Malik. Faithfully to the music of this inspired creator, the Isma'a label dedicates itself to promoting past and present musical meetings like jazz and world music or jazz and electronic.

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Libertalia-Music Records

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relatives records

The British-Dutch formation 'the Relatives' started in the beginning of the 90’s after Jack Monck and WillemJan Droog met and discovered that their compositions and musical ideas had a remarkable connection.

In that period the Relatives toured a couple of times a year through the Netherlands, Belgium and the U.K. They started recording a CD in London, which has never been finished. After a couple of years of interruption the Relatives did recently some gigs and enjoyed so much playing together again, that they decided to record a new album and finish it this time.

The 'World Radio Premiere' of the new CD took place on Tuesday 26th of June2007 in the VPRO Radio 6 program 'Cantina VPRO'

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'The young label sketch had make a noticed apprearence on the independant music scene ...'
Sylvain Siclier, le Monde, december 16th 1999

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South Brothers

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yes or no prod


A fresh new label founded in 2008 with the goal of promoting the various projects of a collective of
musicians currently in the heat of creativity on the Parisian jazz scene.
The first production is the CD of the British guitarist, Tam de Villiers 'alba Lux'(2008).
To be continued…

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